As an inept cook – but a prolific eater – I’ve long envied those whose talents lie in the culinary arts. Turning out edible creations that dazzle the senses is a skill that leaves me in awe. I am that guy who can’t boil water. So my paintings of food are my humble way of achieving something in the studio that I’ve never found possible in the kitchen.

I’ve been particularly fascinated with the mass-produced foods of my youth: iconic cracker brands, classic TV Dinners and colorfully complex vegetable medleys. More recently, I’ve found inspiration in the beauty of bread products, such as the elegantly sculptural – and amazingly delicious – pretzel croissant, with its rough-hewn surfaces flecked with glimmering salt crystals.

The food pyramid is my muse.


For nearly thirty years I was a senior creative director in the New York City design firm of Ross Culbert & Lavery. My design and illustration work became identifiable for its simplicity and, often, sense of humor. My many film and museum posters have ranged from the 1980s indie classic Swimming to Cambodia to the American Museum of Natural History’s Traveling the Silk Road exhibit in 2010.

Now a freelance design consultant living in the Hudson Valley, I’ve really enjoyed having greater opportunity to translate my graphic design sensibilities into fine art.

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